Architekten BDA RDS Partner

Restructuring of the Bezirksklinikum Mainkofen

The task included planning for approximately 13,000 square meter of floor space within the hospital facility. The concept of the design is based on building the existing infrastructure to make it denser while integrating the historic, mostly listed existing buildings laid out in a concentric pattern. Angular additions or new construction with new patient floors will add to the pavilion character in combination with the existing structure. Transparent corridors and courtyards will create compact and clear units. In addition, given the need to be conserve space on the campus, buildings that are currently less than optimal will be replaced by modern functional buildings. As the campus is rebuilt, the entire complex will be linked together with a new underlying concept. There will be targeted reductions in the park-like open space, but visually interesting courtyards will be created as the new buildings are constructed. The ring roads will remain and will be enhanced with new plantings.

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