Architekten BDA RDS Partner

Correctional Facility Bochum
New construction of work buildings and carpark

Three work- and gateway buildings, a wall with observation towers and a carpark were constructed for entrepreneurial- and owner-operated companies within the functional context of the Correctional Facility Bochum. Prefabricated observation towers were built along the six-meter high wall. The wall with an integrated gateway is made of pre-cast concrete components and has a smooth interior and structured exterior wall. It contains double door systems as well as technology- and office rooms. The building for commercial companies is located beyond the central loading courtyard and has eight halls as well as four centrally assigned supervision- and social zones. The central zoning allows for two-sided natural lighting, a connection between both halls and the reciprocal substitution of civil foremen and supervision officials. The commercial company buildings for young prisoners are separated by an expansion area and include a work hall as well as a supervision- and social zone.