Architekten BDA RDS Partner

Peter M. H. Damm

Graduate architect BDA / AKG
Managing chief partner

1971 - 1974 Studied architecture at GHS Essen, Professor Heinz Haunschild
Diploma 1974
1975 - 1979 Studied architecture at RWTH Aachen, Professor Gottfried Böhm
Diploma 1979
1974 - 1984 Employment with Rauh + Rauh
Since 1985 Partner of Wolfgang Rauh and Wolf Dirk Rauh
Appointment to the Association of German Architects BDA
Member AKG - Architects for hospital construction and public health registered association
Chamber of Architects in North Rhine-Westphalia
Chamber of Architects Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Since 1989 Founder / Co-owner of Rauh Damm Stiller Partner
Since 1995 Managing chief partner RDS Partner