Architekten BDA RDS Partner

Quality assurance for planning, supervision of construction and expansion measures, outdoor enclosures and medical facilities as well as security- and health coordination is carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The company was first certified in April of 2005.

The process descriptions are defined in the manuals and are specially geared towards internal office processes. Thus, the quality of planning- and execution services is assured and continually improved.
The goal is to implement a zero-error strategy.

Managerial leadership practice for the complexity of multiple planning- and execution services is guided by principles of cooperative leadership on the basis of delegation.

High demands are placed on the individual employee in regard to competence and responsibility for the continued delegation of goals and tasks. Competences and responsibilities are clearly structured and organized.

To assure high-quality planning services and a high contractor satisfaction rate with maximum efficiency, constant internal and external advanced trainings are held to update the professional knowledge of all employees. Qualification needs are recognized prematurely through regular discussions with employees, and these needs are then integrated into training plans. Thus, specifically targeted and necessary advanced trainings are made possible.

59 EDP work places of which 21 are equipped with CAD programs and 14 with AVA programs are available for planning and realization services. Consistent market observations ensure that the equipment fulfils the requirements for contemporary office organization.

Processes and resulting documentation are organized according to performance phases for the processing of planning and realization services. This ensures total processing of results, the preclusion of as many errors as possible and the implementation of prevention and correction measures in good time throughout every processing phase. Specific checklists and work instructions are used for monitoring purposes.

Supporting processes that ensure proper information flow are another important component. All required documents and records are available to all involved internal and external parties in the correct and valid version.

The adherence to processes and documentation are regularly examined by the QM appointee through internal audits.