Architekten BDA RDS Partner

Rheinpfalz Police Headquarters in Ludwigshafen

The new police headquarters in Rheinpfalz is to be built at a central location in the middle of Ludwigshafen.
The police headquarters was previously spread across various locations in the Ludwigshafen city area. In the future, around 450 jobs will be accommodated under one roof for the approximately 650 employees of the Rheinpfalz police headquarters.
The new police headquarters planned by RDS Partner will act as an articulation for the change in direction of Heinrichstrasse. The main building lines and heights of the surrounding area are incorporated. The building fits harmoniously into the triangular plot. Nevertheless, due to its rounded corners, it’s also an independent stand-alone building in the cityscape. Its design and the materials used give it a confident and solid appearance. The new building opens onto the city via a wide, two-story entrance situation. The main entrance is deliberately positioned along the straight line of Heinrichstrasse in order to create a welcoming gesture for the police. The structure remains below the high-rise boundary and thus enables economical implementation.