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Bauwelt 43.2014
One of the largest civil building projects in Germany has been completed.

"For a good 100 years, animal diseases have been researched at the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut in the Bay of Greifswald. The structural renewal paradigmatically shows that despite hypertrophic technical requirements and conditions, architecture can emerge, architecture that is adapted to the global orientation of the institution, like the demands placed on sites that are steeped in history. Ulrich Brinkmann
At the Riems historical site, the most modern research institute for animal health in Europe has been developed. The tendering procedure for the planning and building of the new Friedrich-Loeffler institute (FLI) took place EU wide. Decisive for the job at the planning community of Rauh Damm Stiller Partner and Itten+Brechb├╝hl AG, was the high competence in the planning of laboratories and animal husbandry under the highest security conditions reaching level L4/S4.

The FLI as a subject in the German architectural newspaper "Bauwelt"
Subject 1:
Centenary architecture for research.
The short story of the Friedrich-Loeffler Institute on Riems in the mirror of its buildings

Subject 2:
Suited for superlative. New research buildings on Riems.
One of the largest building projects in Germany has been completed.