Architekten BDA RDS Partner

Construction of a new hospital building and rehabilitation
LWL-Klinik Dortmund

RDS Partner came in sixth place in an international competition organized by the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe for a new hospital building and rehabilitation for the LWL Klinik Dortmund. The urban design is formed by a windmill-like arrangement of units around a central core. The individual units interlock with the clearance of the surrounding park. This results in a compact form, which on the one hand enables the efficient operation of the facility and on the other integrates and preserves the park. The main entrance is located on the main axis of the facility and is accentuated by an accompanying "water axis". The park's character has been largely preserved and integrated into the building. The forecourt leads into entrance hall and creates a unity between interior and exterior. The "water axis" is, for safety reasons, in the form of a water film on a horizontal and level surface. The character of the park is also reflected in the interior courtyards. The three-story complex with its extensive green roof blends gently into the surrounding park landscape. The units are functionally labeled to provide a secure orientation for the patients. The main entrance is designed as a three-story lobby with a central information desk and waiting area. Not visible from the main entrance are the emergency room and receiving and waste handling in the basement. The corridors of the units go around the interior courtyard. The courtyard provides natural light and ventilation of the rooms and corridors. They also they create a natural, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The dining room, kitchen and common rooms are oriented towards the unit entrance and are visible from the support station. These functions together form a kind of "marketplace" situation. The walls in this area can be flexibly rearranged to offer different uses. The visitors' area, the office and the waiting area are located in this area. The patient rooms are located with the corresponding functional spaces in the adjoining area of the unit. This results in a clear and functional zoning in the floor plan.