Architekten BDA RDS Partner

Extension of the Hattingen Comprehensive School at the Lange Horst site

RDS Partner realized and handed over the awarded competition design. The current photo documentation shows the result. The building ensemble of the comprehensive school Hattingen at the location Lange Horst is part of the garden city Hüttenau. The Horst School was built by the architect Fritz Schopohl in 1923. The three-winged complex of the Horst School represents a typical school building for its time of origin. In front of the school is a spacious school and sports area, which forms a grandstand-like stairway to the school building. This specific situation of the site was respected and appropriately appreciated in the realization of the new building. The new building was positioned parallel to the existing building in the area of the lower schoolyard and takes over the cubature of the west wing. The scale is thus preserved. The middle wing of the existing building with its striking urban gable remains visible. The schoolyard retains its clarity and is not divided by the new building.