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Centralization of the educational academy at the location Klinikum Bremen-Mitte

Gesundheit Nord gGmbH plans to consolidate the entire training, further education and advanced training with so far ten complete health care schools as well as three specialized practical training centers, which are so far distributed at seven different clinic locations, in the form of an educational academy at the location Klinikum Bremen-Mitte structurally and organizationally. At the same time, the number of training places is to be increased to over 1,000, particularly in nursing and technical assistant professions, in order to meet future demand for trained specialists. The academy is then to be centralized in the core-renovated existing buildings 6 and 7. Building 7, the oldest building on the site, is to be refurbished in line with historic preservation requirements.
The project is budgeted at around 28 million euros gross for cost groups 300 and 400.