Architekten BDA RDS Partner

Park landscape and glass entryway hall
LVR-Klinikum Düsseldorf
New Construction of a Diagnostic, Therapy, and Research Center (DTFZ)

In order to prepare for further professional publications, RDS Partner held another photo shoot with Architectural Photographer Rainer Mader on July 3rd, 2022 on site in Düsseldorf at the new construction of the Diagnostic, Therapy, and Research Center (DTFZ). The goal was to document the successful integration of the building into the park landscape – and in particular the basic idea behind the project, which was to link the avenue lined with linden trees to the building structure. The photos taken at the shoot show the interior and exterior design concept of the new building, with around 13,600 square meters of usable area in the 1st stage of development, in full-scale and functional architecture, clearly demonstrating how they connect with the principle of creating a “healing environment.” The range of colors shown by the linden tree, which is a focal point of the area, the outstanding transparency of the building, temporary retreat areas, wood and accent colors all create a protected, warm, and harmonious atmosphere inside the building.