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Healing Environments in pediatrics
New pediatric clinic Wolfsburg

Another construction phase in the implementation of the target and overall planning of the Klinikum Wolfsburg has been built. The new children’s clinic will soon go into operation.
The proximity to the main entrance and the central distribution hall of the clinic ensures the necessary connection to the maternity unit and enables optimal integration into the overall clinic structure.
The “new” appearance of the children’s clinic is characterized by both its excellent external and internal access, as well as its good external links (illumination and view).
The sleep clinic is limited to three levels, on which economical and well-organized nursing areas as well as coherent, same-level functional units for emergency treatment and functional diagnostics have been planned. This clinic features a large of number of places for premature babies, pediatric and intensive care, and infectious children. The Level 1 Standard is met as best as possible here.
The psychosomatic clinic was set up as a stand-alone building. The functional rooms are located on the entrance level. The nursing groups with the living spaces and the patient rooms for eight patients each were set up on the upper floor.