Architekten BDA RDS Partner

Friedrich-Loeffler Institute Riems Island near Greifswald
New building, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health

All laboratories will be handed over to the occupier in December of 2011. 
Until 2012 the most advanced research institute for animal health in Europe is being built at a historical location on Riems Island. The tendering process for the planning and construction of the new Friedrich-Loeffler Institute was conducted EU-wide. 
The decisive factor for awarding the contract to the planning committee of Rauh Damm Stiller Partner and Itten+Brechbühl AG was the company’s high competence for planning laboratories and animal husbandries while adhering to the highest safety requirements up to Level L4/S4. 
The core of the new construction is a double building with a total floor space of 61,000 m2. The complex consists of a deep structural shell for stalls and a narrow, three-leveled transom for laboratories. This building part is a mixture of solid concrete- and concrete skeleton frame construction. Due to the pressurization and impermeability requirement for air and gas the outer wall was constructed as a homogenous ferro-concrete plate. The facade consists of a back-ventilated clinker-brick shell. 
The box-in-box principle isolates rooms with infected animals and security laboratories. Filters and sterilizers for air and water, a double-door systems and showers for employees ensure an optimally secured transition between the inside and outside. 
The laboratory transom connects to the existing administrative- and stall areas via bridges. An inner corridor between both buildings provides access to the entire building. An intense greening of this area integrates the rural character of the surrounding island with the building’s interior.